Author Spotlight: Edmund Crispin

We’re proud to have published five of Edmund Crispin’s nine detective novels, available in both eBook and paperback. Crispin was a pseudonym belonging to English writer and composer Robert Bruce Montgomery, and was taken from a character in Michael InnesHamlet, Revenge!.

Haven’t heard of him? Here’s a brief introduction:

Robert Bruce Montgomery wrote nine detective novels and two collections of short stories under the pseudonym Edmund Crispin. The stories feature Oxford don Gervase Fen, a Professor of English at the University and a fellow of St Christopher’s College, a fictional institution that Crispin locates next to St John’s College. The whodunit novels have complex plots and fantastical solutions, including examples of the locked-room mystery. They are written in a humorous, sometimes farcical style, and they are among the few mystery novels to break the fourth wall and speak directly to the audience.

We have unearthed five of these forgotten Cripsin novels featuring the eccentric Gervase Fen. Buried for Pleasure tells a tale of lost heirs, psychiatrists and blackmail. Holy Disorders sees the murder of a man without an enemy. In Swan Song, Gervase must unravel two murders whilst coping with the unpredictability of the artistic temperament and attempting to encourage the course of true love. Love Lies Bleeding is a hilarious tale of an awards ceremony gone wrong. And The Long Divorce introduces a suspicious town of locals that are not pleased to have been invaded by the newly rich and well to do…

Erudite, eccentric, and charming, these Gervase mysteries are packed with sparkling humour and wit. Crispin is considered by many to be one of the last great exponents of the ‘classic’ crime mystery.



“A master of the whodunit–he combines a flawless plot, witty dialogue, and a touch of hilarity” — New York Times

“An absolute must for devotees of cultivated crime fiction” — Kirkus


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