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Margaret Newman
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Margaret Potter, née Margaret Newman, was born in 1926 in Middlesex. She was educated at Harrow County School for girls and gained a BA and MA from St. Hugh’s College, Oxford.

Before writing, she worked a variety of jobs including teaching in Egypt, editing a children’s magazine in London, and advising the Citizen’s Advice Bureau in Twickenham. She published her first novel as Margaret Newman, a mystery novel entitled Murder to Music.

Newman continued publishing novels until her death in 1998, under a variety of pseudonyms and encompassing multiple genres. As Anne Melville, she focused on historical novels, including the epic wartime saga Debutante. Over the course of her career she published fifty-five novels in romance, mystery, historical fiction and children’s.


The Lorimer Family

The Lorimer Line (1977)

The Lorimer Legacy (1979)

Lorimers at War (1980)

Lorimers in Love (1981)

The Last of the Lorimers (1987)

Lorimer Loyalties (1987)


The Hardie Series

The House of Hardie (1987)

The Daughter of Hardie (1988)

The Hardie Inheritance (1990)


Sirocco (1970)

Alexa (1979)

Blaize (1981)

Family Fortunes (1984)

Marriage Without Love (1985)

The Dangerfield Diaries (1990)

The Tantivy Trust (1992)

A Clean Break (1993)

The Russian Tiara (1994)

Standing Alone (1995)

The Longest Silence (1996)

Role Play (1996)

The Eyes of the World (1998)

Home Run (1999)

Debutante (1999)


The Touch-and-Go Year (1968)

The Blow-and-Grow Year (1970)

Sandy’s Safari (1971)

Trouble on a Sunday (1974)

Story of the Stolen Necklace (1974)

Smoke Over Shap (1975)

The Motorway Mob (1976)

Tony’s Special Place (1977)

The Boys Who Disappeared (1985)

Unto the Fourth Generation (1986)

Tilly and the Princess (1987)

Lochandar (1988)


The Foreign Girl (1960)

The Young Widow (1961)

Spring in Morocco (1962)

The Long Dance of Love (1963)

Return to Delphi (1964)

The Younger Sister (1964)

The Chains of Love (1965)

Single to New York (1965)

A Portuguese Affair (1966)

The Truth Game (1966)

A Little Bit of Luck (1967)

Shooting Star (1968)

Love in a Rainy Country (1969)

The Girl Outside (1971)

Journey from a Foreign Land (1972)

The Sacrifice (1973)

Time of Their Lives (1974)

Stranger on the Beach (1974)

The Temp (1976)

Place for Everyone (1977)

Tiger and the Goat (1978)


The Hywel Series

Song of the Hills (1995)

Inheritors (1997)


Murder to Music (1959)


Snapshots (1990)

Just What I Wanted (1997)

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