Beezy Marsh

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Beezy Marsh is an award-winning journalist, who has spent more than 20 years making the headlines in newspapers including The Daily Mail and The Sunday Times.  She is married, with two young sons, and lives in Oxfordshire with a never-ending pile of laundry.  She is also a karate black belt.  This doesn’t help much with the laundry though.

This was never going to be enough for a girl from Hartlepool, whose primary school teacher told her to give up her dream of becoming a poet and concentrate on being a nurse instead.  Beezy is also a novelist and biographer, with family at the heart of everything she writes – whether it is the life and times of a gangland criminal, or a downtrodden mother’s attempt to find the key to lasting romance. Her first novel, Mr Make Believe will be published by Ipso Books in April 2017.


On Beezy Marsh’s book Mr Make Believe:

“Properly funny, deliciously naughty, fabulously fresh and achingly honest… I couldn’t put it down.” — Alex Brown, bestselling author of The Secret of Orchard Cottage

“A fun read that ‘imperfect mums’ everywhere will adore.” – The Sun

“compulsively readable and entertaining” – Daily Mail

“A funny, sexy, clever book which brilliantly reflects the chaos of motherhood and marriage, and kept me engrossed to the end.” – Alison McGarragh-Murphy, Editor of The Motherload

“Super cute, touching, honest, relatable…” — NetGalley Reviewer

Would you like to read Beezy’s first venture into fiction? Read more about Mr Make Believe, here.

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