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Emma Tennant was a British novelist and editor born in 1937, known for her postmodernist approach to literature, often utilising fantastic or magical elements within her fiction. Several of her novels give dreamlike twists to classic novels, such as Two Women of London: The Strange Case of Ms Jekyll and Mrs Hyde and Heathcliff’s Tale.

Tennant was born in London with Scottish heritage, and spent the wartime years in her family’s faux Gothic Mansion in Peeblesshire. After the war, she spent some time at an Oxford finishing school studying languages and the history of art and later relocated to Paris to work at the Louvre.

Her first novel, The Colour of Rain, was published under a pseudonym when she was twenty-six. This was the beginning of a prolific writing career producing thrillers, children’s books, fantasies, and several revisionist takes on classic novels.



The Colour of Rain (1964) (as Catherine Aydy)

The Time of the Crack (1973)

Wild Nights (1973)

Hotel de Dream (1976)

The Bad Sister (1978)

Alice Fell (1980)

Queen of Stones (1982)

Woman Beware Woman (1984)

The Half-Mother (1985)

Black Marina (1985)

The House of Hospitalities (1987)

Two Women of London (1989)

Sisters and Strangers (1990)

Faustine (1992)

Pemberley (1993)

Tess (1993)

An Unequal Marriage (1994)

Emma in Love (1996)

Elinor & Marianne (1996)

A House in Corfu (2001)

Thornfield Hall (2002)

The Harp Lesson (2005)

Heathcliff’s Tale (2005)

Confessions of a Sugar Mummy (2007)

Seized (2008)

The Beautiful Child (2012)

Stranger (1998)

Girlitude: A Portrait of the 50s and 60s (1999)

Burnt Diaries (1999)


Titles from Emma Tennant