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Erica Jong is an American writer famously known for her debut novel, Fear of Flying. Published in 1973, it revolutionised conventional beliefs about women, marriage, and sexuality. Erica created an outlet for every woman’s inner voice, and her frank discussions of sex and sexuality has made her one of the world’s most iconic writers. With her work being published in 45 languages worldwide, Erica Jong is a hero to millions and admired by writer such as John Updike, Henry Miller, Anthony Burgess, and Jennifer Weiner.

Since beginning with Fear of Flying, Erica has published over 25 books spanning fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Her works have been lauded around the globe, winning The Fernanda Pivano award in Italy, The Sigmund Freud Award in Italy, the Deauville Award in France, and The United Nations Award for Excellence in Literature.

Her most recent novel, Fear of Dying, is a culmination of her career, not just of writing, but of reflection, questioning, and lifting up a generation of women.

Erica is currently working on her autobiography and adapting her novel Fanny for television. She is invited to speak on women’s rights all over the world.


Fear of Flying (1973)
How to Save Your Own Life (1977)
Parachutes & Kisses (1984)
Fear of Dying (2015)

Fanny (1980)
Serenissima (1987) aka Shylock’s Daughter
Any Woman’s Blues (1990)
Inventing Memory (1997) aka Of Blessed Memory
Sappho’s Leap (2003)

Fruits and Vegetables (1971)
Half-Lives (1973)
Loveroot (1975)
Here Comes (1975)
Selected Poems (1978)
At the Edge of the Body (1979)
Selected Poems Vol 2 (1980)
Ordinary Miracles (1983)
Becoming Light (1991)
Love Comes First (2009)
The World Began With Yes (2019)

Witches (1981)
The Devil At Large (1993)
Fear of Fifty (1994)
What Do Women Want? (1998)
Conversations with Erica Jong (2002)
Seducing the Demon (2006)
Sugar in My Bowl (2011)

How-to Books and Other Absurdities (1971)
Songs in the Key of I (1998)

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