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Helen McCloy
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Helen McCloy was born in New York city in 1904 to writer Helen Worrell McCloy and managing editor William McCloy. After discovering a love for Sherlock Holmes as young girl, McCloy began writing her own mystery novels in the 1930s. In 1933, she introduced her psychiatrist-detective Dr Basil Willing in her first novel, Dance of Death. Dr Basil Willing features in 12 of McCloy’s novels as well as several short stories; however, both are best known from McCloy’s 1955 supernatural mystery Through a Glass, Darkly — hailed as her masterpiece and likened to John Dickson Carr.

McCloy went on in the 1950s and 1960s to co-author a review column a Connecticut newspaper. In 1950, she became the first female president of Mystery Writers of America and in 1953, she was honoured with an Edgar Award from the MWA for her critiques.



Dance of Death (1938) aka Design for Dying
The Man in the Moonlight (1940)
The Deadly Truth (1941)
Cue for Murder (1942)
Who’s Calling? (1942)
The Goblin Market (1943)
The One That Got Away (1945)
Through a Glass, Darkly (1950)
Alias Basil Willing (1951)
The Long Body (1955)
Two-thirds of a Ghost (1957)
Mister Splitfoot (1968)
Burn This (1980)
The Pleasant Assassin and Other Cases of Dr. Basil Willing (2003)

Do Not Disturb (1943)
Panic (1944)
She Walks Alone (1948) aka Wish Your Were Dead
Better Off Dead (1949)
He Never Came Back (1954) aka Unfinished Crime
The Slayer and the Slain (1957)
Before I Die (1963)
The Further Side of Fear (1967)
Question of Time (1971)
A Change of Heart (1973)
The Sleepwalker (1974)
Minotaur Country (1975)
Cruel as the Grave (1976) aka The Changeling Conspiracy
The Imposter (1977)
The Smoking Mirror (1979)

Surprise, Surprise (1965) aka The Singing Diamonds

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