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Hilda Lawrence
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Hilda Lawrence (1906-1976) was an American author of classic mysteries. Born in Baltimore and educated in New York, she worked in the clippings department of Macmillan Publishing. Throughout her writing career, which spanned the 1940’s, she wrote four novels. The first, Blood Upon the Snow, published in 1944, introduced her three main series characters: private investigator and Manhattanite Mark East and the New England spinsters Miss Beulah and Miss Bessy. Blending both the hard and soft boiled styles of detective fiction in her work, her clever writing style quickly became a commercial success. Death of a Doll is considered her best work. Lawrence died in Manhattan, New York, in 1976 at the age of 70.



The Pavilion (1946) (aka The Deadly Pavilion)

Duet in Death (1947)

Composition for Four Hands (aka Death Has Four Hands)

The House (aka The Bleeding House)

Titles from Hilda Lawrence