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Jean Saunders was a British writer of romance novels from 1974 to 2010. She wrote under her married and maiden name, which was Innes, also under the pseudonyms Rowena Summers, Sally Blake, and Rachel Moore.

After the publication of her first novel, Jean began a career as a magazine writer and published around 600 short stories. In the 1970s she started to publish gothic romance novels under her own name, and in the 1980s she created the pseudonym Rowena Summers to write historical romances, her most popular works. In 1991 her novel The Bannister Girls was shortlisted for the Romantic Novel of Year award.

She lived in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, where she wrote full-time.



The Kissing Time (1982)

Love’s Sweet Music (1983)

The Language of Love (1983)

Taste the Wine (1983)

Partners in Love (1983)

Scarlet Rebel (1984)

Golden Destiny (1986)

All in the April Morning (1989)

The Bannister Girls (1990)

With this Ring (1993)

The Whispering Dark (1995)

Journey’s End (1996)

A Gambling Man (1997)

A Different Kind of Love (1998)

A Perfect Marriage (2002)

Unforgettable (2003)

Village Fate (2011)

Thicker than Water (2000)

Illusions (2000)

Deadly Suspicions (2001)

Titles from Jean Saunders