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Lettice Cooper was an English writer born in Eccles, Lancashire in 1897. She began to write stories when she was 7 and studied Classics at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, graduating in 1918. After university, she wrote her first novel, The Lighted Room, in 1925 and spent a year as an editor for weekly magazine Time and Tide before eventually becoming the fiction reviewer at the Yorkshire Post for 10 years.

She helped found the Writers’ Action Group and received an OBE for her work in achieving Public Lending Rights.

She died in 1994 at age 96 in Norfolk.



The Lighted Room (1925)

The Old Fox (1927)

The Ship of Truth (1930)

Private Enterprise (1931)

We Have Come to a Country (1935)

The New House (1936)

National Provincial (1938)

Black Bethlehem (1947)

Fenny (1953)

Three Lives (1957)

A Certain Compass (1960)

The Double Heart (1962)

Late in the Afternoon (1971)

Tea on Sunday (1973)

Snow and Roses (1976)

Desirable Residence (1980)

Unusual Behaviour (1986)

Une Journee avec Rhoda (1994)


Robert Louis Stevenson (1947)

Yorkshire: West Riding (1950)

George Eliot (1951)

Great Men of Yorkshire (West Riding) (1955)

Great Men: Volume Three (1959)

James Watt (1963)

Hand Upon the Time: A Life of Charles Dickens (1968)

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot (1970)


Hark to Rover! (1933)

Blackberry’s Kitten (1960)

The Young Florence Nightingale (1960)

The Young Victoria (1961)

Bob-A-Job (1963)

The Young Edgar Allan Poe (1964)

Contadino (1964)

Garibaldi: A Story Biography (1964)

The Twig of Cypress (1965)

We Shall Have Snow (1966)

The Bear Who Was Too Big (1966)

Robert the Spy Hunter (1973)

Parkin (1977)

Titles from Lettice Cooper