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Nicholas Rhea is the pseudonym for author Peter N Walker. He was born in Glaisdale, a Yorkshire Moors Village, in 1936. The oldest of three sons born to an insurance agent and a teacher, he won a scholarship to Whitby Grammar School but left at 16 to become a police cadet. In 1956, he joined the North Yorkshire force in Whitby.

He began to write seriously in the late 1950s after years of casual interest, having his first short story published in the Police Review. Continuing to rise through the ranks at the region’s Police Headquarters in Northallerton, he published his first novel, Carnaby and the Hijackers, in 1976.

Rhea is primarily known for his Constable series, inspired by his many years of police service. He retired in 1982 to concentrate on his writing, encouraged by an interest in his Constable books from Yorkshire Television. This was to become the highly popular Heartbeat series, which ran for 18 seasons and over 350 episodes.

Rhea had four children and eight grandchildren and lived with his wife in a quiet North Yorkshire village. He died in 2017.


False Alibi (1991) (under Peter N Walker)

Grave Secrets  (1992) (under Peter N Walker)

Family Ties (1994)

Suspect (1995)

Confession (1997)

Death of a Princess (1999)

The Sniper (2001)

Dead Ends (2003)

Murder Under the Midnight Sun (2009)


Omens of Death (1996)

Superstitious Death (1998)

A Well-Pressed Shroud (2000)

A Full-Churchyard (2004)

Prize Murder (2006)


Constable on the Hill (1979)

Constable on the Prowl (1980)

Constable Around the Village (1981)

Constable Across the Moors (1982)

Constable in the Dale (1983)

Constable by the Sea (1985)

Constable Along the Lane (1986)

Constable at the Double (1988)

Constable Through the Meadow (1989)

Constable in Disguise (1989)

Constable Among the Heather (1990)

Constable by the Stream (1991)

Constable Around the Green (1993)

Constable Beneath the Trees (1994)

Constable in Control (1994)

Constable in the Shrubbery (1995)

Constable versus Greengrass (1995)

Constable About the Parish (1996)

Constable at the Gate (1997)

Constable Over the Stile (1998)

Constable Under the Gooseberry Bush (1999)

Constable in the Farmyard (1999)

Constable Around the Houses (2000)

Constable Along the Highway (2001)

Constable Over the Bridge (2001)

Constable Goes to Market (2002)

Constable Along the Riverbank (2002)

Constable in the Wilderness (2003)

Constable Around the Park (2004)

Constable Along the Trail (2005)

Constable in the Country (2005)

Constable on the Coast (2006)

Constable on View (2007)

Constable Beats the Bounds (2009)

Constable at the Fair (2010)

Constable Over the Hill (2011)


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