Book Club: Borrowed Moonlight

Whenever we need to just get away — forget the real world and all it’s troubles — there’s one place we always find ourselves going back to: Havoc Wood. We run eagerly into the arms of the Way sisters (Anna, Charlie, Emz) and their zany friends and family: magical Grandma Hettie, hedgehog-always-in-pocket Wynn, the constant slew of woodsy wanderers… we could go on. There’s nowhere in the world as wonderful and whimsical as Helen Slavin’s Witch Ways, so this week, we’re excited to dive into the third title in the series, Borrowed Moonlight.

Grab your snacks, grab your glass, grab your gals or guys, and, in the safety of your own Zoom video chat, here with us on our Facebook, or here with us on our Twitter, get ready to hash it all out…

(FYI Spoilers Below! Don’t read till you’re ready.)

A Few Topics for Discussion:

    1. If you were a Way sister, what would your Strengths be?

    2. In this story, we see the Way sisters falter in their confidence as Gamekeepers. How would you cope with such a responsibility? Were they right to be concerned?
    3. What do you think of Ivan Herald? Does he have the right intentions?

    4. The Havoc Deck is such a narrative force in Borrowed Moonlight. Have you ever had your tarot cards read? What was that experience like? How does the Havoc Deck influence the Way sisters?
    5. Discuss the character of Borrower. How does his past affect who he is? Did you feel sympathy toward him? Why or why not?

    6. What do you think the Great Grey Horse is? Or what do you think it represents?
    7. Do you think fairy tales are still a good vehicle to discuss morals, fears, and ethics of our modern world? Why or why not?

    8. If you could ask the author one question about this book, what would it be?


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