Book Club: I Wanted You To Know

If you’ve heard anything about I Wanted You To Know, it probably involves the amount of crying that takes place while reading. Perhaps you’ve been warned to stock up on tissues before purchasing. Perhaps you’ve been the perpetrator of tears by pressing it into your friend’s hand with nothing but a parting ‘good luck’. However you found this book — and however many public tears you shed because of it — it’s time to break it all down in this week’s Agora Books’ Book Club. Let’s chat it out — we’re all in this together.

Grab your snacks, grab your glass, grab your gals or guys, and, in the safety of your own Zoom video chat or here with us on our Agora Books Twitter page, get ready to hash it all out…

(FYI Spoilers Below! Don’t read till you’re ready.)

A Few Topics for Discussion:

    1. The book is written solely from the perspective of Jess. How might have Edie’s perspective changed the narrative?

    2. Jess and Jake have a complicated relationship. What do you think of Jake’s choices? Of Jess’ decisions about telling Jake? What are the strengths of their relationship? Weaknesses?
    3. Discuss Jess’ relationship with her mum. How do you think it affected Jess? How do you think it influenced her decisions as a mother herself?

    4. How do you imagine Edie as an adult? What challenges would she be facing?
    5. Did you embarrass yourself by crying in any public places while reading this book?

    6. Did the fact that I Wanted You To Know was based on the author’s own experience impact the way you read and felt about the book?
    7. If you could ask the author one question about this book, what would it be?


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