Book Club: A Little Bird Told Me

A few years ago, a little bird told us about a stunning debut from Marianne Holmes, aptly named A Little Bird Told Me. From its first pages, we were caught up in the sweltering heat of 1976 and enraptured by the mystery that surrounded Robyn and her family. Now, let’s discuss the twists and turns of this lyrical, domestic noir debut together — personal childhood memories of swimming at the Lido optional.

Grab your snacks, grab your glass, grab your gals, and, in the safety of your own Zoom video chat, here with us on our Facebook, or here with us on our Twitter, get ready to hash it all out…

(FYI Spoilers Below! Don’t read till you’re ready.)

A Few Topics for Discussion:

    1. This book is set during the heatwave of Summer 1976 and is full of immersive descriptions. What did the element of heat add to the story? How did that setting affect you?

    2. How did you feel about the book being set in two different periods of Robin’s life? What benefits were there to having childhood Robyn as a narrator? Would you consider her an unreliable narrator?

    3. Discuss Kit and Robyn’s relationship. How would you have acted if you were either sibling? Why do you think they have such different plans of action regarding the mystery of their childhood?

    4. This book deals with heavy topics, including both bullying and domestic violence. Do you think they were portrayed realistically?

    5. The plot is based around the mystery of what happened during that summer of ’76. Were you able to figure out the twists before they were revealed?

    6. Discuss the ending. Was justice served?

    7. If you could ask the author one question about this book, what would it be?


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