Book Club: Missing Pieces

Over three years ago, Missing Pieces stole our hearts. Two years ago, we sent it out into the world to break your hearts. Now, in a time when we’re all house-bound, a little stir crazy, and probably in need of a good cathartic cry, we’re here to talk about it. Let’s mend our broken hearts together.

Grab your snacks, grab your glass, grab your gals, and, in the safety of your own Zoom video chat or here with us on our Agora Books Facebook page, get ready to hash it all out…

(FYI Spoilers Below! Don’t read till you’re ready.)

A Few Topics for Discussion:

    1. Discuss Linda Sadler. Why did she do what she did? Were you able to sympathise with her and the situation she was in?

    2. Esme clearly carries a lot of guilt for what happened to Phoebe. Should she? How might you feel if you were in her position?

    3. What would you have done if you were any of these characters? How would you have coped?

    4. The second part of the book takes place 25 years after the first. How does this enhance the reader’s understanding of the Sadler family’s story?

    5. Each part of the book is also, largely, told from a different perspective. How might have our understanding of the story changed if Part 2 was mostly from Esme’s perspective? Did you prefer Tom and Linda’s or Esme and Bea’s side of the story?

    6. Analyse this passage:

      Esme nodded. She could see it, now. In keeping so quiet about Phoebe, they’d crowded the place with her. The air was thick with it. And all those years, Esme had been choking.

      How did the Sadler family handle their grief? How else might they have dealt with it?

    7. Tom’s guilt for not being there on the fateful night is compounded by his affair with Marianne. How do you think this affected him throughout the story? How do you feel about their happy ending?

    8. Discuss the ending. What is your biggest takeaway from the story?

    9. If you could ask the author one question about this book, what would it be?


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