Book Subscriptions That Can Take Our Money

Whether you need a gift idea for someone else or you’re unsure what book to pick up next for yourself, book subscriptions are the way to go.  They’re an absolute joy to receive in the mail.  There are many out there, for every genre and niche there is in the book world.  Here are just a few to get you started.

Prudence and the Crow

The Vintage Book Subscription Box – £15/month

What you get: vintage paperback, handmade book bag, library-style card to catalogue your growing collection, and surprises that may or may not include bookplates, badges, pencils, tea, and MORE

Loads of people love thrifting.  They comb through the racks at thrift stores and stock up on every old AC/DC shirt known to man.  Bookworms have their own version of that, usually holing up in a second-hand bookshop and refusing to leave until they’ve acquired every worn, leather-bound edition of Baroness Orczy’s The Scarlet Pimpernel.  This book box does some of the work for you.  You just have to choose your preferred genre (classic fiction, science fiction, classic thriller, classic children’s, or random) and the team at Prudence and the Crow will select a vintage paperback just for you.  It’s always good to feel special, especially when there are books involved.

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“Make time to read.  Take time for yourself.” – £12.80/month

What you get: contemporary literary fiction/non-fiction book, treats of your choice including chocolates and snacks, teas and coffees, beauty products, and stationary.

Have a big presentation coming up at work that will decide whether or not you get the promotion?  Maybe you’ve got a massive exam that has your hair turning grey?  Reposed is a book box subscription service that will smooth out all your worries with an inspiring new book and countless self-care treats that’ll help you take care of yourself to read and relax, then leave you absolutely prepared to tackle any presentation or exam that comes your way.  Believe us, chocolates and face masks work wonders.  Miracles, even.

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Mr B’s Reading Emporium

A book subscription straight out of a bookstore – £45/three months

What you get: a beautifully wrapped book from your bibliotherapist

Getting lost in a bookstore is an easy thing to do.  You start wandering, unaware of anything but the seemingly never-ending sprawl of shelves around you.  Before you know it, you’ve lost whoever you came in with, and you’re surrounded by strangers who have a dazed look in their eyes as they pour over the books.  While bookworms always love going to a good bookstore, the people that accompany you refuse to go anymore due to the fact that you completely abandon them every time.  Mr B’s is here to help.  Run from the beautiful bookstore in Bath, Mr B’s will have one of their on-hand, self-proclaimed bibliotherapists select a curated book just for you.  You’ll receive a delightfully wrapped parcel, outfitted with a wax stamp and twine.

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Rare Birds Book Club

“Make reading feel like fun” – £12/month

What you get: your pick of a book based on two secret blurbs (keep the mystery alive)

We all have that friend who only reads one author and constantly shoves their latest release into your hands at every turn.  Or maybe you are that friend.  While there’s nothing wrong with remaining loyal to your tried and true author, it can be fun to branch out and read some of the many, many books that get released into the world every Tuesday.  Rare Birds Book Club selects books from female authors across all genres, which they hilariously categorise on their website as “Features a handsome leading man,” “It’s a laugh,” “Nobody falls in love,” and “Pass the tissues” to name a few.  If you’re into the idea of joining a book club, at the end of every month the curators and subscribers meet back online to discuss!

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The Bookishly Classic Book Crate

“Live your best bookish life” – £35/month (bi-monthly)

What you get: a classic book with an exclusive, in-house designed cover, literary themed goodies catered around the classic book of the month

If you happen to find yourself in a competition with your best mate over who has the greatest collection of classic books, the Bookishly Classic Book Crate is your way to get a leg up.  Every other month, they mail out a classic with an exclusive, never-before-seen cover that no one else will have.  As if that wasn’t enticing enough, you can personalise some of them.  As in, you can have a short message etched into the cover.  Therefore, if you’re planning to woo someone in the near future, you can tell them how ardently you admire and love them with a personalised copy of Pride and Prejudice.  If it works out for you, we do expect an invitation to the wedding.

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