Classic Crime Podcast Roundup

As much as we’d like to, we can’t always have our noses shoved into a book. Occasionally, we have to lift our heads into the world and tackle the reality that comes with it. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to stop consuming stories, however.

Here at Agora, as you might have noticed, we love a bit of classic crime. Margery Allingham is our Queen, George Bellairs makes sure we always have something new to read, and Richard Hull keeps us laughing. So if we can’t have a mystery book in our hands at all time, the next best thing is having their worlds in our ears. We’ve found a few podcasts that we think you classic-crime-consuming readers would enjoy too.

Happy listening!



Because feminism and classic crime is a match made in Agora heaven. Shedunnit focuses on the feminine side of our favourite mysteries. Host Caroline Crampton will take you through Agatha Christie’s famous disappearance, queer influences in the classics, real deaths that inspired multiple authors, and more.

Start with: Episode 2 – Crippen


Classic Mysteries

These episodes are short but sweet, so still worth a listen. Each one is a five-minute review of a crime book — but host Les Blatt has an entire section dedicated to Golden Age mysteries. This podcast is the perfect partner to the physical copies in your Amazon cart. Not sure if you want to commit to the entire thing? You’ll know whether a book is a yea or nay in 5 minutes with Classic Mysteries.

Start with: The Long Divorce by Edmund Crispin


The Men Who Explain Miracles

This podcast dissects literature from two specific sub-genres of crime writing: ‘locked room’ mysteries and ‘impossible crime’ from the Golden Age of detective fiction. According to hosts Dan and JJ, they ‘discuss all things impossible in the world of classic crime fiction.’ This one isn’t available to listen through your favourite podcasting app, but you can find all the episodes on Soundcloud HERE.

Start with: Episode 3: Murder on the Way! Theodore Roscoe – Why do Golden Age Books Get Forgotten?


Hark! The 87th Precinct Podcast

If you lean more toward the police procedural options of classic crime, this one’s for you. While not a strictly Golden Age writer, Ed McBain started writing his series of novels, 87th Precinct, in the late 1950’s. The three hosts use the books as a jumping off point for discussions about the series, its adaptations, and general classic crime chatter.

Start with: Ed McBain’s Eighty Million Eyes – Episode 21: Full Hovercraft Details



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