How to Claw Your Way Out of a Reading Slump

It happens when you least expect it.  Whether you’re cooking your latest batch of brownies, giving an important presentation to the Board of Directors, or perfecting your cartwheel form, there’s no hiding from reading slumps.  Their only thought is to keep you from the one thing you love most in this world: books.  Reading slumps are chronically inconvenient and unfailingly annoying.  Therefore, we’ve decided the readers of the world must band together to rid us of these dark times.  Here’s how:


Reread an old favourite

You’ve probably already read it twenty times, but it can help you remember why you find reading so enjoyable.  It’s always good to hang out with old friends.  Speaking of, I wonder what Mr. Darcy is up to these days.


Change of scenery

Your overstuffed armchair is any bookworm’s ideal reading spot, but maybe it’s time to spice up your reading location.  Dust off your porch chair and have a reading session outside where the wind will turn your pages for you.  Best bring a flyswatter for those pesky bugs, too, just in case.


Hit up a library or bookstore

Lay on the floor of your nearest library or bookstore and just soak it all in.  Being surrounded by bookish people is good for the soul.  Maybe you’ll even spot one that catches your eye on the new arrival shelf or be offered a position as head librarian.  It’s a building filled with books; anything can happen.


Palate cleanser

The latest Harlequin Romance featuring a barrel-chested alpha clutching a scantily clad woman is the perfect way to cleanse your reading palate, enjoy a quick and easy read, and fall back into the routine of reading.


Non-fiction time

Gallivanting through Middle Earth requires a lot of work, so maybe it’s time to pick up that non-fiction book that’s been collecting dust on your shelf since you impulse-bought it last month.  Educated by Tara Westover has been known to kick a reading slump where it counts.


Avoid Avoid Avoid

Take a break from books all together.  That doesn’t mean you can’t think about them from time to time, but you two might just need some space.  You’ll find your way back to each other.  This isn’t forever.


Rearrange that bookshelf

Dust of your tomes and switch your bookshelf organisation from alphabetical to grouped by colour or completely random. Mix it up.  Maybe you’ll even unearth that one book you’ve been meaning to devour.  What was it called again?  Nobody’s Wife by Laura Pearson, perhaps?


The more the merrier

Have somebody else hold you accountable by making them do a buddy read with you.  You wouldn’t want to disappoint them.


Cancel your Netflix account…that or have your friend hide the remote

This is drastic, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  We all know you’ve been flying through show after show while your books sit neglected on your shelf.  Either go cold turkey or kindly request that your friend hide your remote and laptop from you for the unforeseeable future.


Just resign yourself to a DNF (did not finish)

As hard as it is, sometimes you just can’t finish a book.  Experiencing a DNF can be, to put it lightly, soul-crushing.  You feel as if you’re betraying the bookish community, wasting the money you spent to buy it, and there’s always the possibility that it will get better.  Try again later, or not at all.  Either way, stop the madness!


As always, thank you for reading and be sure to tweet us @AgoraBooksLDN with your trick to getting out of a reading slump!