Introducing: Melissa Welliver

Agora Books is thrilled to welcome our newest author, Melissa Welliver, and her daring YA debut novel, The Undying Tower, to our list of fantastic writers.

Set in a future dystopian England, where a small amount of the population – deemed The Undying and banished to the fringes of society – has stopped ageing, The Undying Tower introduces us to Sadie, a sixteen-year-old who suddenly finds herself separated from her ailing father and life as she knows it.

Armed with little help and even less knowledge of what she’s getting herself into, Sadie is thrust into a cold and cryptic ‘correctional facility’ – The Tower – where she’ll have to rethink everything she’s been told about the Undying population in an attempt to save her life, protect a group of unlikely friends, and forge a new future for a society on the brink of catastrophic upheaval.

The Undying Tower is the first in a trilogy.

Welliver says: ‘I started writing The Undying Tower series in 2016, in the face of Brexit and a year after the death of a close friend. I wanted to explore the prospect of immortality, especially from the point of view of a girl about to start her life, and whether it would be a blessing or a curse. A post-Brexit, totalitarian Britain seemed a distant enough fantasy setting at the time, yet here we are, all these years later! And now I can dedicate this book to that friend, Caroline, who always pushed me to write at my very best. Agora Books is a wonderful platform and I’m proud to start my publishing journey with them.’

Melissa Welliver writes speculative fiction about how the End Of The World is never really the end of the world. After studying MA Creative Writing under Jeanette Winterson at the University of Manchester, she went on to complete Curtis Brown Creative’s Writing for Children course. Her work has listed in Bath Novel Award, Mslexia, the Hachette Children’s Novel Award, and the Wells Book for Children Competition. She has been published in two short story collections and is an avid member of the Twitter writing community. Born in Stockport, she now lives in the High Peak with an assortment of doggy friends. The Undying Tower is her first novel.

The Undying Tower will be published in 2021 in eBook and paperback.

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