Lost the Plot

Meet Lost the Plot.

Your new best friend on the journey from pen to publication.

The path to becoming a published author can be a lonesome, confusing, and myth-laden one. It’s full of long nights worrying if your writing is good enough and long days submitting your stories into what can feel like an empty void.

But, we’re here to help. We’ll give you the confidence and motivation to believe that you can be published through guidance, validation, and a few sanity checks here and there.

With Lost the Plot, you don’t have to go it alone.

Why should I join?

We know the route to publication is a tricky one, and we care. We’ll help you get clued into how the publishing industry works with tips and encouragement from the professionals who know and the authors who have gone before you. We’ll give you straightforward advice on how to get published and what to do when you finally land a contract. We’ll provide a safe space for you to connect with other writers going through the same thing. No secrets. No bullshit. Just support.

Sounds great… but what if I want something tangible right now?

Totally understandable. When you join Lost the Plot you’ll immediately be sent a few resources to reinvigorate your writing life ASAP, including:

So how do I join (and make the most of it)?

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