Our Podcast Recommendations for Writers

As (near) professional consumers of podcasts, we know that there’s a podcast out there for every topic. Need to be reminded that true love exists? Modern Love has you covered. Need to satisfy a morbid curiosity while also maintaining a healthy sense of humour? My Favorite Murder is there for you. Need to remember that you are more than every mistake you’ve ever made? How to Fail to the rescue. So, it should be no surprise that there is a wealth of podcasts about being a writer floating around in the headphones near you.

After staring at your own words all day, you sometimes need a break from text of all kinds – so why not dip into a podcast for ideas and inspiration? Here’s our roundup of podcasts that will inspire the successful writer right out of you and into your work in progress:


The Honest Authors

Everything you want to know about being a published author straight from those who have been there! The Honest Authors is hosted by Gillian McAllister, author of Everything but the Truth, and Holly Seddon, author of Love Will Tear Us Apart. The two discuss their experiences, interview new and upcoming authors, and answer listener questions. The Honest Authors provides a safe space for both the big and the little questions about publishing and a down to earth view of the industry.

Start with: Season 2, Episode 7 – Lia Louis and Anxiety


Beautiful Writers

On Beautiful Writers, author Linda Siversten interviews some of the big names that have published books. From Tom Hanks to Maria Shriver, and Tom Bergeron to Abby Wambach, Siversten offers a star-studded glimpse into the world of writing. The episodes, covering becoming a breakout success, how to handle failure, behind-the-scenes stories, and more, are all useful for every kind of writer. Beautiful Writers will help nurture the dream of becoming a household name, while still offering practical advice.

Start with: Gabby Bernstein: On Judgment & Bestsellers


Helping Writers Become Authors

This podcast dives into the nitty-gritty of writing. How do you turn an idea into a story? How do you write a good antagonist? How can you better embrace the ‘show, don’t tell’ method? Each episode is a sweet 15 to 20 minutes, which means it’s the perfect thing to pop on when you need a little inspiration mid-writing session. Hosted by author K. M. Weiland, Helping Writers Become Authors is the podcast you need if you’re looking for guidance during the writing process.

Start with: Ep. 458: 7 Things to Try When Writing Is Hard


The Writer Files

The Writer Files combines the tips-and-tricks approach to writing podcasts with the neuroscience behind the brains of some of the most renowned writers. By studying their habits, host Kelton Reid sets out to learn (and, thankfully, share) their secrets of productivity and creativity. Episodes are conveniently categorized by Creativity, Publishing, and The Writer’s Brain, so you can pick episodes based on which kind of rut you’re in or where you feel you need the most inspiration.

Start with: 21 Productivity Hacks from 21 Prolific Writers: Part One


I Should Be Writing

Because we’re all familiar with procrastination and avoiding our responsibilities. Hosted by author Mur Lafferty, I Should Be Writing focuses on the emotional road blocks writers face when writing by digging through common issues and interviewing successful authors. I Should Be Writing is the gentle reminder that everyone struggles with the writing process, so there’s no excuse not to keep trying.

Start with: ISBW #355: Crippling Fear


As always, thank you for reading, and be sure to tweet us @AgoraBooksLDN with the writing podcast that’s inspired you!