Out Now: Blood Upon the Snow

Agora Books is thrilled to announce Blood Upon the Snow by Hilda Lawrence is out now! Originally published in 1944, Blood Upon the Snow is the haunting narrative of a Private Investigator’s snowed-in investigation.


Blood Upon the Snow is available to buy HERE.


‘Evil,’ she went on gently, ‘finds a rich ground here. There’s so few folks about it gets a chance to grow.’

Private Investigator Mark East has been invited to Crestwood, the elegant country estate that nervous archaeologist Joseph Stoneman has made his winter retreat. Stoneman thinks Mark East a private secretary, but it seems he might be more in need of a private detective.

After the grand manor is snowed in by a winter storm, the dread-filled atmosphere of the house begins to take its toll on Mark. And when the guests in the house begin suspiciously dying, he can’t deny there is something sinister afoot in Crestwood.

Cut off from any possibility of outside help, Mark must solve these murders before any one else in the house meets an unfortunate end.

Blood Upon the Snow is a selection from the Haycraft-Queen Definitive Library of Crime and is also part of Agora Books’ Uncrowned Queens of Crime series.

Blood Upon the Snow

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