Out Now: Bride of Dreams

Agora Books is excited to announce that Bride of Dreams by Jane Aiken Hodge out now. Joining Marry in Haste, First Night, and Maulever Hall, Aiken Hodge’s historical romances capture the romance and danger of regency era Europe.


Bride of Dreams is available to buy HERE


In just one night, Amanda has all of her dreams come true. After keeping her love for her childhood friend secret for so long, John Purvis finally reveals he has been harbouring feelings for her too. Excited for her new life to begin, Amanda rushes to John’s house the next morning, only to find John already departed on a ship to India. Heartbroken and abandoned, Amanda’s dream is over before it even begins.

As the days go by with no sign of John, Amanda concedes to her widowed mother’s request that she marry to save their family from poverty. She weds the old and wealthy Lord Meynel and hopes life won’t be as bad as it seems. Amanda quickly realizes she has made a terrible mistake: though the perfect gentleman during their courtship, Meynel reveals himself to be a cruel and brutish man.

With no options and no hope, Amanda is swallowed by her misery. As a war rages around her, she can only hope to be swept up in the chaos.

But could the revolution provide Amanda with the spark she needs to carry on? As the violence mounts, Amanda must reclaim her own life to protect those she loves.



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