Out Now: Cat Flap

Cat FlapEver wondered what life looks like through the eyes of a cat? Agora Books is thrilled to announce that Cat Flap by Alan S Cowell is out now!

Cat Flap is available to buy HERE.


‘When she awoke as a cat, Dolores Tremayne saw no immediate advantage in having four paws instead of two arms and two legs.’

While business executive Dolores Tremayne flies to Germany for a conference, some part of her wakes up in her London home, inside her house cat, X.

Through the eyes of the mischievous X, Dolores witnesses all sorts of goings-on in her household that she’s not been aware of. What is the upstairs neighbour doing here? Who is her daughter talking to on the internet?

And with her reprobate husband ‘conveniently’ leaving the cat flap open for their indoor cat, Dolores isn’t even sure if X and she will be around to help. The more Dolores sees with X, the more desperate she becomes to take action, until finally she must find a way to intervene before she loses everything.


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