Out Now: Constable on the Prowl

Agora Books is thrilled to announce that Constable on the Prowl by Nicholas Rhea is out now! Originally published in 1980, Constable on the Prowl follows PC Nick into Aidensfield during night duty, which brings an unexpected set of problems to solve.


Constable on the Prowl is available to buy HERE.


‘No policeman ever forgets those first faltering steps of nights. If there is a time when the public is at its most vulnerable, it is during the hours of darkness.’

PC Nick is still settling into his role at the Ashfordly Section police station, and he’s drawn the short stick of shifts: night duty.

A sleeping village doesn’t mean a simple shift, though. Between the early risers of the farming community, a badger with a sweet tooth, and getting to know his new workmates, there’s no time for Nick to kick his feet up in the station.

Amble into Aidensfield under the cloak of night and tag along with PC Nick as he deals with high-jinks, jokesters, and a few nocturnal creatures in Constable on the Prowl.

Nicholas Rhea’s delightful Constable tales paint an endearing and hilarious picture of police work in the British countryside and were the inspiration for the Heartbeat TV series.

Constable on the Prowl

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