Out Now: Crow Heart

Crow Heart

Don’t miss the the fourth instalment in the enchanting Witch Ways series. Agora Books is thrilled to announce that Crow Heart by Helen Slavin is out now!

Crow Heart is available to buy HERE.


‘She thought she had been clever; only now did she realise what payment would come due. Magic took as much as it gave.’

After yet another tragic autumn, the Way sisters have needed a bit of space. Away from Cob Cottage, away from the Wood, and away from the horrors Havoc can bring.

But when spring brings a touch of light to their gloom, a strange magic appears along with it. As Charlie, Emz, and Anna rebuild their lives and reestablish their roles as Gamekeepers, they are faced with a power far more personal than they ever have before.

In a dangerous game of cat and mouse, the sisters begin to realise just how far Havoc really reaches and how far they must go to protect not just Havoc Wood, but Woodcastle itself.

In the penultimate novel in their saga, the Way sisters learn that the past has more secrets than they imagined. Now they must confront their own deep grief in order to face an old foe intent on dredging everything back up to get what she wants: rule – solitary and solid – over Havoc Wood.


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