Out Now: Daisy’s War

Agora Books is thrilled to announce that Daisy’s War by Rowena Summers is out now! Originally published in 2001, Daisy’s War, the second in The Caldwell Girls saga, is a harrowing story of coming of age during the Second World War.


Daisy’s War is available to buy HERE.


There was more than one kind of war. There was the one that threatened so much of the world now, and there was the inner war within a person.

A terrible tragedy has torn the Caldwell family apart and the Caldwell girls have split up: Imogen has joined the war effort, Elsie has married, and Daisy? Daisy has lost her way.

Living away from home and missing her sisters, Daisy isn’t sure who she is anymore. She’s making new friends, dancing with new beaus, but everywhere she turns, she finds death. Working as a nurse and confronted with new horrors daily, Daisy finds herself wondering what the point of it all is anymore.

As the chaos of the Second World War rages on and her own life falls to pieces, Daisy dreams of real love, of lasting friendship, and of hope for a different life… but she must look for light where she can find it.

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