Out Now: Deathline

Agora Books is excited to announce that Deathline by Jane Aiken Hodge is out now. Originally published in 2003, Deathline follows the upheaval of Helen Westley’s life after the death of her mother and what awaits her away from London in the village of Leyning.


Deathline is available to buy HERE


Angry old woman with house seeks companion, with some money.

Left homeless upon her mother’s death, Helen Westley’s outlook is bleak. Having left her job to care for her ailing mother, Helen will soon have no income, no house, and no purpose in life.

That is until she spots a job advert for a live-in carer of an elderly woman. Leaving her lonely life behind, Helen arrives just before Christmas. But Beatrice Tressikker is not exactly as advertised. A feisty woman with a tragic past, she is terrified of losing her mind in her old age. Suffering from a recent hip injury and a failing memory, Beatrice is sure it’s all downhill from here.

Helen is determined to help Beatrice enjoy her recovery and, with the help of the locals, starts to find her own feet too. But when a charming young American claiming to be Beatrice’s great-nephew arrives on their doorstep, everything changes…

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