Out Now: Everybody’s Somebody

Agora Books is thrilled to announce that Everybody’s Somebody by Beryl Kingston is out now! In this stunning first part of the Jackson Family Saga, best-selling author Beryl Kingston takes readers on Rosie’s journey to forge a better life for herself, her parents, and her peers.


Everybody’s Somebody is available to buy HERE.


A quartet of paintings hang in the gallery. The artist now famous, his subject long forgotten: nobody of consequence…

Sent into service at the tender age of twelve, Rosie Goodison learns just how unfair the world really is. Some people work their entire lives and have little to show for it, while others do nothing and seem to have it all.

Full of courage and gumption, Rosie can say for certain that this isn’t type of world she wants to live in. Throughout the tumultuous 20th century, she gets swept up by the passion of the suffragettes, the horrors of the First World War, and the ever changing landscape of the social and political climate.

Half a century later, Rosie remains only on these four canvases. A woman, a mother, a pioneer, a trailblazer. A woman who left her mark on the world. A woman who’s life proves that everybody’s somebody.

Everybody's Somebody

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