Out Now: Heathcliff’s Tale

Heathcliff's Tale by Emma TennantBig Bronte sister fan? You’re in luck with this chilling revisit of Wuthering Heights. Agora Books is thrilled to announce that Heathcliff’s Tale by Emma Tennant is out now!

Heathcliff’s Tale is available to buy HERE.


What is the root of evil? Is it born out of anguish, out of hopelessness? Does it linger after the death of the evil-doer? Could evil, possibly, seep through the pages of a book?

After Emily Bronte’s death, Henry Newby – nephew of Bronte’s publisher – is dispatched to her home in Haworth Parsonage to retrieve an unpublished manuscript. Upon his arrival on this stormy night, he finds pages burning in a fire. Fearing this is the manuscript he’s been sent for, he rescues what he can from the flames.

Sheltered from the howling wind and the lashing rain, Henry reads long into the night. And as he does, the line between truth and fiction blurs…

Poring over the pages, Henry begins to wonder whether this narrative is in fact the work of fiction he was sent to recover – or something more sinister, more insidious. Is the spirit of Emily still lingering, spilling the black soul of Heathcliff among the flame and ashes?

Alone, afraid, and tormented, Henry must piece together the enigma of Heathcliff before the night catches up with him

In this chilling tale that revisits Wuthering Heights, Tennant shines a sliver of light on the mysteries surrounding Emily Bronte and brings her to life in enthralling and unexpected ways.


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