Out Now: He’d Rather Be Dead

He'd Rather Be DeadReady for the perfect summer mystery? Agora Books is so please to add to the Inspector Littlejohn Mysteries with He’d Rather Be Dead by George Bellairs.

He’d Rather Be Dead is available to buy HERE.


I could go on like this for ever, but Nemesis, in the form of one Littlejohn, is almost on the doorstep.

The mayor of Westcome, Sir Gideon Ware, has a speciality for painting a target on his own back. Most recently, he has gained numerous enemies for transforming the quaint harbour town into a sprawling, manmade boardwalk through a series of bribes, blackmail, and backhand deals.

So when Sir Gideon Ware dies at his annual luncheon, it’s no surprise that foul play is suspected.

Inspector Littlejohn is brought in to investigate the murder, but with so many motives to sort through, the suspect list is endless. And with the Chief Constable covering up critical clues at every turn, Littlejohn is left on his own to get to the bottom of Ware’s murder.

But when a second body is found, Littlejohn’s investigation gets put on a fatal timer.



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