Out Now: Illusions

Agora Books is thrilled to announce that Illusions by Jean Saunders is out now! Originally published in 2000, Illusions — the second title in the Alexandra Best Files — is a gripping thriller filled with secrets, blackmail and romance.


Illusions is available to buy HERE.


Nothing was ever what it seemed. It was a phrase that Alex never forgot.

When Private Investigator Alex Best sets sail on a well-deserved cruise, the last thing she expects is to be confronted with predictions of her death by a lonely old woman. But when she meets the mysterious Leanora Wolstenholme, a cloud of the surreal and macabre descend upon the rest of her trip.

Hoping to shake the feeling as she returns to London, Alex is out of luck: the medium has been found slumped over her tarot cards, with a knife in her back, and Alex’s name in her notebook.

Wanting nothing more to do with clairvoyance and crystal balls, Alex is reluctant to take the case when Leanora’s daughter approaches Alex about a stalker. But with a suspect for the murder already in custody, and a potential killer on the loose, could the police have the wrong man? Alex dives into the surreal world of the psychic, where nothing is as it seems. Can Alex make it out unscathed before the body count rises any higher?

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