Out Now: One Way to Venice

Agora Books is thrilled to announce One Way to Venice by Jane Aiken Hodge is out now! Originally published in 1974, One Way to Venice is a charming and romantic mystery.


One Way to Venice is available to buy HERE.


Five years ago, Julia Rivers’ life fell apart. After a whirlwind marriage to the love of her life, Julia found herself trapped in a family filled with secrets. When she was nearly killed, Julia and her unborn child fled, leaving behind this family who seemed to have it out for her.

Now, years after giving her newborn up for adoption, Julia begins receiving bizarre letters from an anonymous sender – the latest containing a picture of a boy that is unmistakably hers. Urged to find her son, Julia is sent a one-way ticket from London to Venice.

Joined by a mysterious stranger she meets on the train and armed with the knowledge that her ex-husband will also be in Venice, Julia dives back into the world of manipulation she thought she’d left behind.

In this gripping romantic mystery, Jane Aiken Hodge delivers a thriller filled with conspiracies, secrets, and danger.

One Way to Venice

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