Out Now: Royal Flush

Agora Books is thrilled to announce Royal Flush by Margaret Irwin is out now! Originally published in 1932, Royal Flush is a sweeping historical drama that peels back the curtains of time and sheds light on one of the most interesting women in English history.


Royal Flush is available to buy HERE.


After Oliver Cromwell’s murderous seizure of the British throne, Princess Henrietta and her mother seek refuge in the glittering court of King Louis XIV’s France. But young Minette finds herself caught in a world of political intrigue and treachery, as everyone around her viciously contends for more power.

Minette struggles to find her footing in this new court, carefully navigating a loveless marriage, secret affairs, and royal alliances. And when she finds herself the liaison between Louis and her brother, the rightful King of England, it seems Minette may have finally discovered her place.

But in this court fraught with age-old dynasties and deadly jealousies, Minette may not be as safe as she thinks.

Royal Flush

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