Out Now: Suki

Agora Books is thrilled to announce that Suki by bestselling author Beryl Kingston is out now! Originally published in two parts as Only Young in 2000 and Only Human in 2001, Suki is an epic 18th century saga that takes readers from Bath, to the West Indies, to Africa, and back to London in a quest for love and redemption.


Suki is available to buy HERE.


‘It is chastening to consider how easily fate can change our lives.’

For Suki Brown, one small decision has a lifetime of consequences. Working as a wetnurse for a posh family, Suki makes a heartbreaking decision when their baby dies to switch her own child for the one who passed. Husband-less and nearly destitute, Suki must find the father of her child before she loses her son forever.

But the cad, Captain Jack, is off aboard the Bonny Beaufoy – a slaving ship charted across the Atlantic. Half-way through his journey, though, this cruel slave master seems to have a change of heart. Will this newfound respect for all human life be his saving grace or have him thrown in Bedlam?

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