Out Now: The Ghost It Was

Agora Books is thrilled to announce that The Ghost It Was by Richard Hull is out now. Originally published in 1936, The Ghost It Was explores how far a group of cousins — and maybe a ghost — will go to prove a point.


The Ghost It Was is available to buy HERE.


He seemed as if he might be interesting. People with no morals often are, and someone who makes no pretence of having any always is.

A convert to the recent fad of ‘spiritualism’, James Warrenton purchases the old, and purportedly haunted, Amberhurst Place. A cantankerous, yet easily amused, old man, he has far too many nephews, and far too much time.

Suspecting his family of only ever wanting his fortune, James strikes up a bet for his own entertainment with his nephews on the existence of ghosts.

Desperate to get into their uncle’s good graces, or at least not irritate him further, his four nephews vie for the place as prime heir to James’ estate.

Snide comments and ruthless remarks volley around Amberhurst, but when a harmless prank turns deadly, everyone is a suspect – even the ghost.

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