Out Now: The Girl in the Maze

The Girl in the MazeThree women, three generations, one terrible tragedy. Agora Books is thrilled to announce that The Girl in the Maze, the debut novel from Cathy Hayward (and most recent winner of our Lost the Plot Work in Progress Prize!), is out now in eBook!

The Girl in the Maze is available to buy HERE.


‘I would caution you against delving into the past. The past is often best left exactly where it is.’

Emma Bowen has never had a close relationship with her mother, barely speaking with her in the last years of her life. But after her mother’s death, Emma finds something that might just explain the distance between them.

Discovering letters between her mother and grandmother, it seems to Emma that her mother has always been difficult.

As she searches for answers about her own childhood, Emma is drawn into the mystery of her mother’s enigmatic life. The more she finds, the more lost she feels, but Emma is determined to uncover her mother’s past, and the secrets held within it, whatever the cost.


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