Out Now: The Reign of Queen Victoria

Agora Books is thrilled to announce that The Reign of Queen Victoria by Hector Bolitho is out now! Originally published in 1948, The Reign of Queen Victoria is an expert account of the life of Victoria from esteemed historian Hector Bolitho.


The Reign of Queen Victoria is available to buy HERE.


The stage was already set for the astonishing reign of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

After the discovery of previously unfound letters and journals in Germany, Hector Bolitho here continues his series of royal biographies to expand on and re-frame the extraordinary lives of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Bolitho expertly navigates the unparalleled rule of Queen Victoria and her Prince Consort in this authentic and intimate portrait of their lives. From her incredible accession to the throne, through her romance with Albert, and to her lengthy rule as monarch, Bolitho paints a rich and full portrait of Victoria – as queen, mother, wife, and widow.

Perfect for fans of ITV’s Victoria, discover the truth behind one of history’s greatest romances and learn how the pair shaped not only the British Empire but the world.

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