Out Now: The Witch Ways Whispers Box Set

Agora Books is thrilled to announce that The Witch Ways Whispers box set by Helen Slavin is out now! This set includes the novellas The Ice King and Breaking Bones as well as the brand new (and exclusive to this edition) prequel, Whyte Harte.


The Witch Ways Whispers is available to buy HERE.


Step into the mysterious world of Havoc Wood and into the magical lives of the Ways.

In this captivating collection of her Witch Ways Whispers, Helen Slavin deftly weaves tales of the twisted and surreal, the fated and the damned.

In Whyte Harte, you’ll find Hartfield Hall pitted against Cob Cottage and learn how Hettie Way read fate and future in the cold blue waters of Pike Lake. Wade in and see just how deep and tangled the roots of Havoc and Leap Woods really are…

Then travel to the bitter cold of the icy white Arctic in The Ice King. Join Vanessa Way as she tries to escape the secrets and uncertainties of the bewitched woods she calls home only to find she can’t outrun the darkness of her destiny.

Back in Woodcastle, Breaking Bones finds change afoot in Havoc Wood. A marriage is proposed, blessings are given, but this isn’t a story of happily ever afters. Owls hoot, bones break, and there are debts to be paid…

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