Out Now: Thicker Than Water

Agora Books is thrilled to announce that Thicker Than Water by Jean Saunders is out now! Originally published in 1999, Thicker Than Water is a fast-paced crime thriller that throws Private Investigator Alexandra Best into the middle of a very strange case.


Thicker Than Water is available to buy HERE.


Private Investigator Alexandra Best has been hired for a missing persons case. The question is… is the victim even missing at all?

Thirty-something Caroline Price has been ‘missing’ for over two weeks. A reclusive freelancer, Caroline rarely has plans, rarely speaks to her family, and rarely leaves her home. Surely this doesn’t mean she’s been the victim of foul play. But why has her father has waited until now to launch an investigation? And why doesn’t he want the police involved?

With an inheritance at stake and a greedy cousin second in line, Alex isn’t so sure that something terrible hasn’t happened after all. And when she finally finds a clue in Caroline’s diary, it brings more questions than answers. Who is this mysterious ‘M’ who features so heavily?

With more suspects than she can keep track of, Alex might be in deeper than she realises. Can she find Caroline before her own life is put at risk?

The first in the Alexandra Best series, this page-turner is fast-paced mystery that will have readers racing to the end.

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