Series to Get Stuck Into When You’re Stuck Inside

If there’s one thing we are grateful for during this bizarre season, it’s all the freed-up time we have to read. While some people shy away from getting involved with series because of the time commitment, we say there’s no better moment than now to get stuck into new stories — and know that you’ve got time to explore them!
That’s why, for the next few weeks, we’ll be putting the first title in all of our book series on offer. From chilling mysteries to sweeping sagas, we’ve got a series for every kind of reader. We hope you’ll look into a few — and enjoy the much-needed escape.

The Colony Novels

Gripping and spooky, The Colony Novels begin on New Hope Island, where its 150 inhabitants have seemingly vanished into thin air. What follows is a chilling account — deemed ‘the only book that has ever genuinely scared me’ by one reader — that begs the question: are some mysteries safer left unsolved?

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Find The Colony ON OFFER from March 23rd – 29th HERE.

The Hardie Family Series

Set towards the end of the Victorian Era, The Hardie Family series follows one family across oceans, from Oxford to China, through peace and war. In this dramatic saga, can love and passion overcome power and ambition?

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The Hardie Inheritance

Find The House of Hardie ON OFFER from March 23rd – 29th HERE.

The Caldwell Girls Saga

This sweeping historical fiction puts one family’s strength to the test through illness, war, and heartbreak. Set against the backdrop of WWII, can the Caldwell clan make it out unscathed? Or will they be swept up in the chaos of the changing times?

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The Caldwell GirlsDreams of Peace

Find Taking Heart ON OFFER from March 30th – April 5th HERE.

The Mark East Mysteries

We haven’t deemed Hilda Lawrence an Uncrowned Queen of Crime for nothing. Combining the charm of cosy crime with the horror of psychological mystery, each title offers a vivid glimpse into a particular world, be it a New York boarding home for women or the secluded country estate of a nervous archaeologist. Not to miss: the peculiar, laugh-out-loud duo of Miss Beulah and Miss Bessy, who support Mark East through his investigations.

Books In This Series

Blood Upon the SnowDeath of a Doll

Find Blood Upon the Snow ON OFFER from March 30th – April 5th HERE.

The Jackson Family Saga

In the Jackson Family Saga, best-selling author Beryl Kingston combines the qualities of an absorbing family saga with acutely observed and beautifully written social history. Through Everybody’s Somebody, we meet Rosie, who’s on a journey to forge a better life for herself, her parents, and her peers during the horrors of the First World War.

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Find Everybody’s Somebody ON OFFER from April 6th – 12th HERE.

The Mark Pemberton Cases

A classic workaholic, Mark Pemberton just doesn’t know how to stay away from crime solving, and he has a particular penchant for cold cases. From providing security detail for the US Vice President to serial-killer death-bed confessions, there’s no case too peculiar or too difficult for Pemberton to crack.

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Find Family Ties ON OFFER from April 6th – 12th HERE.

The Witch Ways Series

Set in the mystical forest of Havoc Wood, The Witch Ways series follows the lovable, enchanting Way sisters: three girls who’ve got a bit of magic to their touch and more than enough otherworldly problems to solve. Join Anna, Charlie, and Emz as they navigate witchhood and womanhood alike — you’ll be positively spellbound, we promise.

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Find Crooked Daylight ON OFFER from April 13th – 19th HERE.

The Inspector Littlejohn Mysteries

We guarantee there’s no detective who loves a French holiday more than Inspector Littlejohn; we just wish he could actually enjoy them sans murder. There’s no better man to sleuth his way through the most-perplexing of cases and, lucky for us, the Inspector Littlejohn Mysteries are packed with over 20 cases to crack! (Editor’s Note: these don’t need to be read in order — you can pick and choose as you please!)

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Death in Room Five

Find Death in Room Five ON OFFER from April 13th – 19th HERE.

The Easter Empire Trilogy

If we had to choose a literary hero, Nan Smithen would be a major contender. When her adoring husband dies in revolutionary France, rather than mourn the life she had, Nan vows to make her own fortune — and so begins the gripping saga of her newspaper empire.

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Find Tuppenny Times ON OFFER from April 20th – 26th HERE.

The Inspector Appleby Mysteries

There’s no chance of boredom with an Inspector Appleby Mystery, as his detective life is full of wild cards, from split-personalities to haunted houses, or from high-intensity chases to South American jungle explorations. He’s made of humour and wit, and you can’t go wrong with diving into any one of his perplexing cases.

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Find Death at the President’s Lodging ON OFFER from April 20th – 26th HERE.

The Alexandra Best Files

Alexandra Best serves up mystery with a side of steamy — she’s skeptical in all the right places, driven to a deadline, and, unabashedly, not afraid to have a good time. Her case files will have you spooked, bamboozled, and entertained for days.

Books In This Series

Deadly Suspicions

Find Thicker Than Water ON OFFER from April 27th – May 3rd HERE.

Hearts and Farthings

While there’s no official series title, Beryl Kingston serves up a riveting duo with Hearts and Farthings and its sequel, Kisses and Ha’pennies. This heart-wrenching historical romance is a portrait of a man torn between love and duty, as he struggles to find his place in a tumultuous world.

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Kisses and Ha'pennies

Find Hearts and Farthings ON OFFER from May 4th – 10th HERE.


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