Crime Fiction

The Two Hundred Ghost

The Two Hundred Ghost

Dance of Death (A Dr Basil Willing Mystery) by Helen McCloy

Dance of Death

All Your Little Lies

All Your Little Lies

Dead March for Penelope Blow

Dead March for Penelope Blow

He'd Rather Be Dead

He'd Rather Be Dead

A Time to Die

A Time To Die

Murder to Music

Murder to Music

Death Stops the Frolic

Death Stops the Frolic

Answer in the Negative

Answer in the Negative

Blood Upon the Snow

Blood Upon the Snow

Omens of Death

Omens of Death

The Long Farewell

The Long Farewell

Unholy Night: Three Crimes at Christmas

Unholy Night: Three Crimes at Christmas

Deadly Suspicions

Deadly Suspicions

Death in Room Five

Death in Room Five



Left-Handed Death

Left-Handed Death

The Allingham Minibus

The Flower Arranger

The Flower Arranger

Littlejohn in France

Stories of Wartime London: An Agora Books Collection

The Sad Variety


A Knife for Harry Dodd


Death on a Quiet Day

The Return of Mr Campion

Family Ties

Death of a Doll

Death of a Doll

Thicker Than Water

Crime in Lepers' Hollow

Campion Takes the Stage

The Essential George Bellairs Box Set

And Death Came Too

And Death Came Too

A Christmas Most Foul

Thou Shell of Death

The Ghost It Was

Honourable Intentions

Appleby Talks

Death Spins the Wheel

A Private View

Keep It Quiet

A Question of Proof

Why Aren't They Screaming?

Operation Pax

Flight from Honour

The Man of Gold

The Worm of Death

Murder Isn't Easy

A Night of Errors

Spy's Honour

The Widow's Cruise

Appleby's End

End of Chapter

The Weight of the Evidence

The Dreadful Hollow

The Daffodil Affair

The Whisper in the Gloom

Head of a Traveller

The Rich Detective

Minute for Murder

The Secret Vanguard

There Came Both Mist and Snow

Stop Press

Lament for a Maker

The Corpse in the Snowman

The Black Spiders

The Man of Dangerous Secrets

A Kind of Prisoner

Dead or Alive

Malice in Wonderland

Hamlet, Revenge!

Death at the President's Lodging

Lady Macbeth

The Devil and Her Son

The Enemy Within

The Smiler With The Knife

The Night Lords

The Department of Death

The Allingham Casebook

Death Treads Softly

Corpse at the Carnival

There's Trouble Brewing

Death of a Tin God

The Tormentors

The League of Dark Men

The Beast Must Die

Buried for Pleasure

The Peril Ahead

Holy Disorders

Crime Classics Box Set

Edmund Crispin Box Set

Death in Dark Glasses

Dirty Story

Dark Peril

Ship Ahoy!

Rogues' Holiday

No Darker Crime

Deadly Duo

Castang's City

Prepare for Action

The Day of Disaster

Go Away Death

The Night They Killed Joss Varran


Waiting for Orders

Death in Desolation

Intruder in the Dark

Margery Allingham Box Set 2

Death of a Shadow

The Island of Peril

Death Round the Corner

Death in the Wasteland

Death by Night


Death in the Fearful Night

Murder Must Wait

Toll the Bell for Murder

Black Plumes

Bones in the Wilderness


Murder Makes Mistakes

Death Stands By

Days of Danger

Carriers of Death

Death in High Provence

The Case of the Demented Spiv

The Case of the Famished Parson

Corpses in Enderby

Death Sends for the Doctor

Margery Allingham Box Set 1


The Ability to Kill

The Department Z Collection

The Intercom Conspiracy

Here Lies

Swan Song

Love Lies Bleeding

The Long Divorce

The Fashion In Shrouds

Cargo of Eagles

Traitor's Purse

Flowers for the Judge

Hide My Eyes

Look to the Lady

More Work for the Undertaker

Dancers in Mourning

The Tiger in the Smoke

The Essential Margery Allingham Collection

Sweet Danger

Police at the Funeral

The Beckoning Lady

The Case of the Late Pig

Coroner's Pidgin

The China Governess

The Mind Readers

Death of a Ghost

The Terror Trap

The Mark of the Crescent

Thunder in Europe


The Death Miser

First Came a Murder

Doctor Frigo

The Schirmer Inheritance

The Night-Comers

Judgment on Deltchev

The Care of Time

The Levanter

Eric Ambler Box Set 2

Eric Ambler Box Set 1

Send No More Roses

The Cursing Stones Murder

Half-Mast for the Deemster

Lake Isle