A Question of Proof

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Nicholas Blake
14 June 2018
Agora Books

None of the classical portents showed to warn him of the disastrous events soon to pile themselves upon his head.

Michael Evans is unlucky in love – he just doesn’t know it yet. An affair with Hero, the headmaster’s beautiful wife, culminates in a rendezvous in the haystacks at school Sports Day.

But when a young student is found strangled in that very haystack later that night, all evidence points to Michael. Unwilling to explain how the evidence got there, Michael calls upon his old friend (and aspiring investigator) Nigel Strangeways, to help prove his innocence.

Nigel is sure he’s found the murderer but is lacking any real proof. Will he be able to clear Michael’s name before it’s too late?


A Question of Proof was first published in 1935.

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