All for Love

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Jane Aiken Hodge
15 November 2018
Agora Books

We’re alike as ever … Except in fortune.

Having played at impersonation when they were children, nearly identical cousins Josephine and Juliet embark on a much more serious game as adults.

Separated by the Battle of Waterloo, the two young women are reunited in Savannah, Georgia: one rich and one poor, but each desperate for a different life.

Switching places with her long-lost cousin, penniless Juliet takes up residence in Josephine’s rich and glamorous life in Savannah high-society. Thrown into a world she knows nothing about, where no is quite who them seem, Juliet must carry out her part in this masquerade lest it cost her her life.

This sweeping historical romance set in the American South is the first in the Purchas Family Series.


All for Love was first published in 1971 as Savannah Purchase.


Praise for Jane Aiken Hodge – 

‘Madly readable’ – Sunday Telegraph

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