Any Woman’s Blues

Any Woman's Blues
Erica Jong
27 May 2021
Agora Books

Leila Sand seems to have it all. She’s an artist, a mother, a celebrity, an addict.

Drugs. Booze. Boys. You name it. Her latest obsession: the narcissistic Donegal – great in bed, but coming up short in the emotional department. Despite the betrayals, Leila just can’t get enough of him and uses the pain to inspire her work.

But when she realizes she in too deep, she has to get out or self-destruct.

So Leila embarks on an odyssey of healing. From ecstasy to serenity, her journey has it all. But will visits to AA meetings and erotic parties be enough to save her?


Praise of Any Woman’s Blues 

‘A very timely and important book…Hilarious…Jong’s greatest Heroine.’ — Elle

‘Any Woman’s Blues is a steamy smorgasbord of sexual obsession, drug addiction, alcoholism and self-destruction.’ — Chicago Sun-Times

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