Cargo of Eagles

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Margery Allingham
15 October 2015
Agora Books

Strange things are happening in Saltey. The little village on the Essex coast is invaded by bikers and a parade of peculiar visitors; a newly-released prisoner is rumoured to be in the area, Mr Lugg has bought a bungalow there, the Saltey Demon is on the loose again, and Albert Campion is investigating the disappearance of thousands of pounds of gold coinage.

This is the last of the Allingham novels, overflowing with evil arch villains and classic thuggery against the atmospheric backdrop of post-war East London.


Cargo of Eagles was first published in 1968, completed by Philip Youngman Carter.


Reviews for Margery Allingham

“Spending an evening with Campion is one of life’s pure pleasures” -The Sunday Times

“The best of mystery writers” – The New Yorker

“The Campion series as a whole demonstrates the breadth of what’s possible in a crime novel, and Allingham’s restlessness with the genre’s constraints.” – Sarah Weinman, The Wall Street Journal

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