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17 March 2017
Agora Books

Three classic crime novels from Golden Age crime queen Margery Allingham, best-kept-secret George Bellairs, and master of the whodunnit Edmund Crispin.

Police at the Funeral by Margery Allingham

The tranquility of Cambridge is punctured when Cousin Andrew of the illustrious Faraday family disappears without a trace. No time is wasted in summoning Albert Campion and his sleuthing skills away from the bustle of Piccadilly to investigate – but little does he expect to be greeted by a band of eccentric relatives all at daggers with each other.

Soon there are as many dead bodies as there are red herrings, and Campion must uncover the secrets of the Faraday dynasty before another victim falls…

‘My very favourite of the four Queens of crime is Allingham.’ —JK Rowling

Murder Makes Mistakes by George Bellairs

The many admirers of Sergeant Cromwell, faithful assistant and friend to Superintendent Littlejohn, will learn with dismay that, whilst attending the funeral of his uncle Richard, in the pretty Cheshire village of Rushton Inferior, he is shot through the head. The fact that Cromwell is quite unknown in Rushton raises the questions of whether or not the crime was an accident or deliberately done.

Littlejohn, casting all other tasks aside, hurries north to the hospital where his sergeant is lying and there the surgeon tells him that the crime was committed by the smallest bullet he has ever seen. A shot from a pop-gun, in fact!

The famous Superintendent settles down in Rushton Inferior, gets to work, and there unravels a series of stories and incidents, some comic, others tragic in the extreme, all of which finally lead him to solve the case. Throughout the course of the investigation, the most courteous of all detectives is accused of bad-manners and rudeness, but the convicted criminal in the end writes to him from prison and thanks him for being a true friend!

‘Pure British detective story.’ —The New York Times

Buried For Pleasure by Edmund Crispin

In the sleepy English village of Sanford Angelorum, professor and amateur detective Gervase Fen is taking a break from his books to run for Parliament. At first glance, the village he’s come to canvass appears perfectly peaceful, but Fen soon discovers that appearances can be deceptive: someone in the village has discovered a dark secret and is using it for blackmail. Anyone who comes close to uncovering the blackmailer’s identity is swiftly dispatched.

As the joys of politics wear off, Fen sets his mind to the mystery but finds himself caught up in a tangled tale of eccentric psychiatrists, escaped lunatics, beautiful women and lost heirs.

‘A master of the whodunnit.’ —The New York Times

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