Crime in Lepers’ Hollow

Crime in Lepers' Hollow by George Bellairs
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George Bellairs
7 February 2019
Agora Books

‘The House in the Lepers’ Hollow. That’s what it was called. How right they were… the whole place seems unclean…diseased…rotten.

And in this eerie winter mystery, Inspector Littlejohn uncovers just how dark and rotten Beyle House really is…

Set on having a relaxing holiday in Tilsey, Littlejohn once again finds himself pulled into a local investigation. When local judge Nicholas Crake is found dead in his home, Littlejohn and Cromwell have the difficult task of sifting out the murderer from a mass of motives. Could Crake’s faithless wife have had the means? Or his strange brother-in-law? Or what of the Superintendent who seems to be doing more to impede the case than solve it?

Filled with family secrets, old grudges, and more than one dead body, Littlejohn must unravel a web of deceit to get to the bottom of this case.

Crime in Lepers’ Hollow was first published in 1952.


‘One of the subtlest and wittiest practitioners of the simon-pure British detective story’ – The New York Times

‘Mr Bellairs always gives good value’ – The Sunday Times

‘Pure British detective story’ – The New York Times

‘Head and shoulders above the average of our day’ – Madison Capital Times

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