Cue for Murder

Cue for Murder
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Helen McCloy
9 December 2021
Agora Books

Cue for Murder is the fourth book in Helen McCloy’s Dr Basil Willing Mystery series.

‘It’s a world of make-believe – false names and false faces! How can I tell which one of these is playing a part?’ 

On the New York stage, the scene is set for what appears to be the perfect murder. Within the first act of opening night, an actor is found dead during his scene, in full view of the audience and players. Even stranger, no one recognises the murdered man.

But when all three suspects are trained in deception, figuring out which of them is the killer won’t be easy… Enter Dr Basil Willing. With the help of Assistant Chief Inspector Foyle, the psychiatrist-sleuth must use his understanding of the human mind to get to the bottom of this case.

And it seems a canary and a housefly might be the only clues he needs to crack the case…

First published in 1942 this wartime msytery is perfect for fans of Cards on the Table by Agatha Christie, Seeing is Believing by John Dickson Carr, and Enter a Murderer by Ngaio Marsh.


‘A page turner I couldn’t put down’ — Reader Review

‘a plot that never stops surprising’ — Reader Review

‘a clever and well crafted plot’ — Reader Review

‘an engaging and enjoyable mystery’ — Reader Review

‘The clue structure is so careful and so fair that you should deduce (not guess) the answer at approximately the same time as Dr Willing himself.’ — Anthony Boucher

‘This tale of murder onstage is the best of the Basil Willing books… The plot is watertight, the characters suitably dramatic, and the pace brisk.’ — Art Bourgeau, The Mystery Lover’s Companion

‘She is in the very top rank’ — Julian Symons, Sunday Times

‘McCloy’s talent transcends the generations’ — Barry Turner, Daily Mail

‘If we had a Pulitzer Prize for mysteries (and we should have) Helen McCloy would be a leading candidate.’ — Will Cuppy, New York Herald Tribune

‘The reader will want to hear more of Dr Willing’s exploits.’ — James Grey, New York Sun

‘Miss McCloy compels you to read every word.’ — Maurice Richardson, The Observer

‘Miss McCloy is definitely the best butter’ — The Spectator

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