Dance of Death

Dance of Death (A Dr Basil Willing Mystery) by Helen McCloy
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Helen McCloy
29 October 2020
Agora Books

Dance of Death is the first book in Helen McCloy’s Dr Basil Willing Mysteries.

“Mrs Jocelyn,” said Basil, evenly, “the most disillusioning thing about being a psychiatrist is discovering how many kind relatives wish that other members of their family could be declared insane.”

When a New York socialite is found dead in a snow bank, no one can believe it is debutante Kitty Jocelyn – let alone that she has died of heatstroke.

How has she ended up here, dead on the morning after her coming-out party? Why is she wearing someone else’s clothes? What was the cause of her fatal overdose? As the questions around Kitty’s death mount, psychologist Dr Basil Willing is brought in to get the the bottom of her death.

With the help of Inspector Foyle, the pair investigate their long list of suspects, motives, and clues to solve this blistering mystery.


‘She is in the very top rank’ — Julian Symons, Sunday Times

McCloy’s talent transcends the generations’ — Barry Turner, Daily Mail

‘Friends, this is the genuine article. In this item you have just about everything.’ — San Francisco Chronicle

If we had a Pulitzer Prize for mysteries (and we should have) Helen McCloy would be a leading candidate.’ — Will Cuppy, New York Herald Tribune

‘This is really a brilliant detective novel…continuously exciting.’ — William Lyon Phelps

A truly exceptional bit of mystery writing.’ — Isaac Anderson, New York Times

The reader will want to hear more of Dr Willing’s exploits.’ — James Grey, New York Sun

‘Miss McCloy compels you to read every word.’ — Maurice Richardson, The Observer

‘Miss McCloy is definitely the best butter’ — The Spectator

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