Deadly Duo

Deadly Duo
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Margery Allingham
28 December 2016
Agora Books

Deadly Duo features two superb novellas of murder, mystery, and deceit — Wanted: Someone Innocent and Last Act.

Wanted: Someone Innocent follows the impoverished Miss Gillian Brayton, whose luck begins to change when a school reunion reacquaints her with a now-famous old friend, Rita Fayre. When Rita offers her a job she accepts immediately and is swept away in Rita’s Rolls Royce to what she expects will be a glamorous new life as nurse to a wounded war hero. The reality, however, is less than luxurious. Ignored by the staff, overwhelmed by the work, Gillian is sure things can’t get any worse. Until, that is, Rita is found dead…

In Last Act, Margot Rob, an ageing French actress has taken up residence in a British country home along with her servants, two grandsons and a young woman she has taken on as her ward.

When she turns up dead there are no shortage of suspects. The grandson who, rumour has it, was about to be disinherited or the long time servant fed up of catering to the eccentric actress requests?

But in a country home murder, there’s always more than one suspect…. so who killed Margot Rob?

Out of print for two decades, Deadly Duo was first published in 1949 and has also been published as Take Two At Bedtime.


‘Margery Allingham stands out like a shining light. And she has another quality, not usually associated with crime stories, elegance.’ — Agatha Christie

‘My very favourite of the four Queens of Crime is Allingham.’ — JK Rowling

‘Always of the elect, Margery Allingham now towers above them.’ — The Observer

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